Being a son of a former president of the United States, John F. Kennedy Jr. grew up with the press tailing on him. And being a presidential son isn’t just the only reason. Being photogenic is another.

The good thing is that his loving partner, Carolyn Bessette, is the one taking up measures to deal with those pesky people from the press who are always invading their privacy. She often compared those paparazzi as “clowns in the circus” and should snub them.

Avoiding the paparazzi to the extreme

John did some extreme and bizarre actions just to lure off the paparazzi away from him. This was according to the newly-released book The Kennedy Heirs, written by J. Randy Taraborelli.

Lenny Holtzman, the family’s longtime hairstylist, recalled that JFK would ring him up and ask for help to get rid of the paparazzi. Whenever John calls him for help, he would quickly go and meet him to deliver his bike, a dress and a wig. John would then go to the ladies’ room, ride his bike, and obliviously bike his way past the crowd of photographers and reporters, who are expecting him.

Back off!

Taraborelli also stated in the book that JFK became harsher to the press out of his respect to his wife. JFK would literally “shout at them to back off.”

However, the worst thing that happened between them and the press is when they were caught having a savage fight outside a restaurant in Tribeca. The press has certainly caught all the pushing and pulling at each other while both are screaming and crying. The people that are close to JFK knew about his temper, but not to the general public. That time, Carolyn was viewed as someone that brought out the worst of the presidential son.