Comfort comes first when talking about airport fashion, especially when it comes to long haul flights. And when talking about comfortable clothes, Pajamas are on top of the list.

Comfort is definitely on the mind of actress Sophie Turner when she arrived at Incheon International Airport in South Korea wearing her green satin pajamas, chunky trainers, and sunglasses.

On the Daily Mail’s website where Turner’s photograph taken at the said airport was posted, a lot of people left adverse comments for the actress accusing her of having no class and looking like a mess. 

One commenter, on the other hand, recognized that Turner’s outfit should be the standard way of dressing for long haul flights, which couldn’t be truer. Pajamas have been seen on the catwalk and even in schools for the past few decades, and Turner was wise enough to wear it for the best purpose. Pajamas are the best choice when you need to be comfortable for an 11-hour plane ride but also need to look somewhat fairly good for the paparazzi.

Paparazzi-followed or not, pajamas are really the best choice of attire for flying. Swap your regular jammies for green satin to get that Old Holywood vibe like Sophie Turner. If you want to look a bit classier but still comfortable, you can also opt for loungewear like Selena Gomez. When Selena flew first class to Cannes last month, she was seen wearing oatmeal-ribbed knitted cords which she topped off with a knee-length cardigan. 

A blanket scarf is also a good option when flying. It was seen both on the Burberry and Celine catwalks and even on the high streets in the past few months. A boilersuit can also bring comfort not only to babies but also for grownups.

In the past, those from the upper crust (and those that want to look like them) dressed up when flying. But with fashion becoming more relaxed of recent, prioritizing comfort is now accepted.