It seems that lingerie style has been going on and on for decades with nothing new to show. People feel displeased with their bodies when they see padded bras and sexy laced-suits. But more companies are now responding to the call of the general population of women who want to show themselves better.

The market for lingerie has been growing exponentially for the past years. They expect it to reach $59 billion worth in five years. The reason for their growth is due to their wider product offering from nude undergarments to bigger cup sizes. They also started modeling other intimate apparel and not just bras.

Buyers’ Choice

Most people buy lingerie to feel good about themselves. But they often end unhappy and jealous of Victoria Secret models with their incredibly slim shape. To stop this issue, more lingerie brands want to be the buyers’ choice. They also started selling inclusivity. They want more women to feel like they belong.

The famous brand may still take the lead, but more new brands are coming into play. These brands prioritize comfort and body inclusivity. They do not put sex appeal and “ideal body shape” as their selling point. Buyers are shifting into supporting these newer brands because of the broader offering of body fitting lingerie. An example is ThirdLove, a US startup, that is the first and only one to start offering half sizes in bras.

Inclusivity Matters

Marketing lingerie is not an easy task. But more brands are getting good at it by showing inclusivity. More models of different body shapes and sizes are displayed to show how the pieces look when they wear them.

More groups are catered from various ages to pregnant, breastfeeding and PWD. More realistic models show themselves happy and pleased with what they wear. It is true that sexiness comes from within.

But aside from conventional women, more brands are coming into the spotlight but offering to a more diverse population – the transgenders. The startup, Origami Customs, cater to transmen and transwomen to provide their needs in better depicting their ideal figure.

Lingerie is more than just an undergarment. It makes a person feel sexy just the way she is. A proper fitting bra or underwear equates to a person’s best self.