First Glimpse

Eri Wakiyama was ecstatic upon seeing her sketches up on the runway during the Miuccia Prada’s Spring 2016 Miu Miu Collection. Her fanciful and bizarre sketches of candlesticks and lighters were used to design the model’s clothes. She had never imagined her prints would be used in fashion, moreover for well-known fashion brands.

First Love

Wakiyama also teamed up with other designers like Calvin Klein, Supreme, and Alyx. Although she is enjoying her work as a visual artist for fashion brands, she admits she is contented doing her creative works. For her first solo exhibit in Manhattan, Wakiyama mainly used acrylic on paper and watercolours.

During her show, no traces of fashion can be seen yet Wakiyama shared that in a way, fashion has been a part of her arts. She took up fashion design at Parsons when she moved to New York. Growing up in Northern California, she also loved animes and believed that the outfits and costumes of the characters she watched added to their character and personality.

Favourite subject

Every artist has a signature subject for their works of art. For Wakiyama, it would be the girl illustrated in different moods. In one illustration, the girl can be seen floating in a lily pond. In another, she is shown dressed in heart-printed boxers while eating an ice cream cone. One image also showed her having blue hair and eating strawberries. These girls show some personality as depicted through how they stand, look, or dress up. They catch the viewer’s attention, whether on T-shirt or dress print or even on Wakiyama’s social network accounts.

Far more real

Sharing her works online makes Wakiyama more comfortable because through this platform, she can influence a lot of people. Still, for her, it feels unreal seeing actual humans react are far more fulfilling.