World-renowned fashion icon Simon Porte Jacquemus celebrated his ten years in the fashion industry with a lot of blasts.

Simon opted to celebrate his first decade as a professional fashion designer in his spring/summer 2020 show at the Paris Fashion Week.

Do you want to know the details of Simon’s celebration? Just read on.

  1. Invitation. Simon did not follow the usual way of inviting buddies. Instead, he sent sunscreens to notify guests. He put ‘Le Coup de Soleil’ label on the bottles; thus, people knew that his 10th year anniversary is something that’s going to be ‘hot.’
  2. Location. People were astonished on the venue of Simon’s fashion show this year. All shades of purple filled the area. From the carpet, decors, and plant outskirt, you can see nothing but purple.
  3. Oversized Dress. Since France recently experienced heat waves, Simon dished out oversized dress and skirts during his fashion show.
  4. Super Large Hat. The designer also introduced his breeds of large hats. According to Simon, these oversized hats not only provide a unique fashion statement but will spare you from the deadly heatwave as well.
  5. All Around Print. This year, Simon wants to capitalize on the beauty of prints. Aside from the swag, the printed dress also makes you feel more relaxed.
  6. Access the Accessories. Simon also promoted creative accessories this year. He introduced how a small purse could make people look more stunning amidst the scorching heat of the sun. According to Simon, no matter how ‘odd’ an accessory is, as long as it makes you comfortable, wear it.

Simon is indeed a gem in the fashion industry. According to other fashion gurus, Simon never failed to introduce new fashion concepts that help people gain more confidence. They said that they are expecting a lot from Simon in the coming years.