Federico Marchetti discusses the future of their company considering that people are now thinking of sustainability in their choices. The Yoox Net-a-Porter Group pioneered Yooxygen, under the initiative of Marchetti. This sustainability platform was launched in 2009. Other companies weren’t concerned with sustainability back then making Marchetti the first to do things.

Yooxygen worked with plenty of clients like Vivienne Westwood, Edun, and Master & Muse. The platform’s initiative may have taken them a bit longer than anticipated but their efforts did not go into waste. Their team also launched an ecobox that is 100% recyclable, even the ribbons and tissue wraps.

Yoox Group Project and Advocacy

Yoox Net-A-Porter Group previously promised that their company would use 100% renewable energy in 2020. Surprisingly, they made the complete switch this year, one year earlier than schedule. This is in support with UN Global Impact. They want to lead a good example to their retailers as they are one of the leading luxury suppliers worldwide.

Marchetti partnered with Vogue Italia to make his dream project that they established in 2011 – Next Green Talents. They aim to support young designers with innovative ideas. This man has a huge heart for passionate designers that he even partnered with fashion schools worldwide.

Students who on sustainable ideas are eligible to earn internships in his various offices in Yoox.

To celebrate Yoox’s 10th anniversary, they are releasing a groundbreaking sweatshirt in collaboration with WRAD. The fabric is made of organic denim where they pioneered the use of mineral dyeing technology that reduces their water waste by 90%. Marchetti thinks this is a great way to celebrate their anniversary.

The Future of Yoox

The future for Yoox is big with more people looking into sustainability. In May, they will be releasing a new collaboration with Amendment. This collab is designed by Marissa Petteruti who received the Yooxygen Award.

Marchetti said that he cannot predict what will happen to his company in 10 years. But he believes in the power of technology. They are looking forward to cleaner production and new manufacturing techniques that aims sustainable growth.