Brassiere or “bra” as commonly called is used to support the breast and gives it structure. It comes in different shapes, cuts, and styles. There are different kinds of bra you can choose from, and the first thing you should know to find the suitable one is your body type and correct size. Here’s a rundown to help you choose the right bra for every wear.

T-Shirt Brassieres

They are essential in a woman’s collection because they give a natural shape. They add protection and firmness to your breast.

Sports Brassiere

A sports bra should be close-fitting, able to minimize bounce and absorbs moisture.

Push Up Brassiere

This kind of bra adds proportion to the breast because when they push up, the breast becomes nearer and voluminous. These bras are available in countless designs and come in every size.

Padded Brassiere

This bra is the solution for women with small-sized breast. There are the soft-padded variant and the semi padded type.

Lace Brassiere

Wearing lace feels good on your body. You wear these bras as extra outer garments on top of push-ups and padded ones.

Stick On and Silicone Brassiere

These bras have silicon pads that stick to the body and stays in place. They provide sufficient nipple coverage and matches well when wearing a dress.

Bandeau Brassiere

They function just like tube tops that are worn on the head and have no straps nor hooks. They are available in plain, satin, and lace.

Halter, Racerback, and Strapless Brassiere

These bras match your tank tops, tubes, and racerback t-shirts.

Shelf Brassiere

These are bras that can’t be worn every day because they do not cover the nipples. They provide support to the breast but are see-through close to the chest. They are available in satin, tulle, and lace.

Balconette and Underwire Brassiere

This kind of bras provides support through underwire and broad straps. They make the breast fuller but show off upper parts of the breast. Woman with small to medium-sized breast can wear this.

Longline Brassiere

This bra reaches your navel and is body fit. These kinds are suitable to wear over your evening dresses and corsets.

Front open Brassiere

Older women choose this because of its’ convenience putting it on.

Convertible Brassiere

It comes with straps that convert into racerback, halter and strapless.

Full Support Brassiere

This type of bra is best for women with voluminous and drooping breasts.

Maternity Brassiere

During pregnancy, a lot of changes happens to your breast, and so this bra gives complete coverage and protection.

Camisole Brassiere

It is a tank and bra in one piece. It matches your see-through tops.

Plunge Brassiere

They are great for V-neck tops and dresses.


Wearing this, you feel you are not wearing anything because it has no pads, wires, or structure. You can wear this on its own, and it is perfect also for dresses.