Street style for men is such a big thing now in Fashion Weeks. The use of colors, jewelry, and skirts are not just for women anymore and has a no count for defining masculinity. Here are 9 trending streetwear from the 2020 Spring Menswear Shows.

Skirts for Men

We all know that Thom Browne is the only guy who wore a skirt during the Fashion Week. But as of this month, hundreds of men were captured by Phil Oh wearing skirts for it seems to be chiller to wear than skinny trousers. This made a big change in the insights of everyone regarding manliness.

No Shirt, No Problem

A number of guys showed some skin by wearing nothing under their blazers while some was wearing silky shirts that were unbuttoned up to their navel.

Short Shorts

Men are now obsessed with wearing short shorts. Some showed not only their knees but even their upper thighs. The shorts were paired with xl shirts and double-breasted blazers.

Jewelry for Men

We think that jewelry is just for women, but this season, many guys became a fan of wearing jewelry like statement necklace, diamond chockers, and tangle chains.

Pastel Suits

People always pair suits with button-downs. The current trend, however, is donning a shirt under your suit and finishing the look with sneaker and boots instead of loafers. The use of fresh and pastel colored is also a hit this season.

Tie-Dye is back

Tie-dye shirts are conquering the streets again after acid wash designs sent them to the back seat in the past years. These shirts can be easily done in the backyard, but the tie-dye tees from Van Noten are incomparably artful you’d need one for your wardrobe.

Cool and Striking Sweaters

For both girls and guys nowadays, sweaters are a necessity. We saw guys flaunting colorful cardigans and hot pink turtlenecks. Dev Hynes Loewe’s knit creation was chunky but breezy – perfect for summer.

The Utility Vest

Since January, many guys have been sporting utility vests. To beat the summer heat, some opted to wear a plain shirt under their vest.  

All-white Outfit

An all-white outfit is a women’s go-to look for summer, but it was also seen on several men. Some opted for all white track pants and oversized shirt, while some combined their creased button-downs with painted ivory jeans for an all-white Mediterranean look.