After months of anxiously waiting, we’ll finally see the live-action adaptation of Disney’s well-loved classic film The Lion King this week, and the voice stars of the film gathered on July 9th for its world premiere.

The red-carpet premiere looks of the stars were nothing short of breathtaking and deserves presentation over at Pride Rock. Feast your eyes on the stars red carpet looks below:

Beyonce as Nala

Beyonce once again proved that not only is she the Queen of Pop, but also a royalty when it comes to fashion. The American singer and songwriter made jaws drop with her bejeweled suit jacket gown made by Alexander McQueen. Her crystal chains and intricate braids perfectly complimented her look. Beyonce, the voice behind Nala, attended the premiere with her daughter Blue Ivy who was wearing a gown similar to her mom’s.

Donald Glover as Simba

Glover, the voice for the lead character Simba, came in a checked Gucci suit that gave him royalty’s aura.

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar

The British actor and director is the voice behind Scar, the film’s villain. The actor wore a double-breasted black suit that gave him a sleek and smart appearance. 

Billy Eichner as Timon

Eichner is the voice for the character of Timon, the adult meerkat who adopted Simba and treated him as his own cub. Eichner in a printed shirt, pink tie and a burgundy suit made him look spunky like Timon.

Seth Rogen as Pumba

Rogen’s bushy beard along with his colourful printed shirt and black suit gave him the fitting man-of-the-wild look.

Shahadi Wright Joseph as young Nala

Shahadi, in her white gown, was a sight to behold. She radiated pure beauty and innocence like her character young Nala.

JD McCrary as young Simba

McCrary came in a bedazzled custom suit by Balmain, which gave him a spunky look fit for young Simba’s lively character.

Alfre Woodard as Sarabi

Woodard is the voice behind Sarabi, Simba’s mother. She exuded power and warmth in her black and gold gown.

John Kani as Rafiki

His wife and son accompanied John Kani on the red carpet, and together they set the red carpet ablaze with their coordinating looks.

Florence Kasumba as Shenzi

Kasumba, the voice behind the malicious hyena Shenzi, looked dazzling in her gold and black sequin gown.

Eric Andre as Azizi

Azizi is the voice of Azizi, another hyena who acts as Scar’s henchman. Andre wore a hot pink suit and a printed neon green shirt.

Keegan-Michael Key as Kamari

Key is the voice for the hyena Kamari. The actor exuded elegance in a classic black suit.