VS might be the most famous lingerie brand anyone can think of, but it doesn’t mean they will retain the top spot. A new statement from the company revealed that the television broadcast of their fashion show will no longer be available moving forward.

The decision may seem abrupt but it was the best for the company. As it turned out, Victoria’s Secret holds the lowest TV ratings of all time. The annual fashion show has been broadcasted by ABC and CBS for the past twenty years. But the ratings have been dwindling for the past years with the lowest recorded in 2018. Given the numbers, other major channels might not be interested in doing the broadcast.

What Happened To VS

The lingerie company was ever famous for its sexy lingerie styles and gorgeous Angels walking the runway. People fancy looking at their models who seem to have been gifted with the “perfect measurements”. They follow their social media posts and envy their A-list bodies.

However, the new generation has come to realize that they need to feel included too. They are perfect in their own way. Victoria’s Secret is not depicting real-life sexiness.

Plenty of women reported having stopped patronizing the show. They have come to accept the fact that they will never measure to that standard. Some women also said they stopped recommending the show to men because it gives them false hope of what ladies’ bodies look like.

The Future for VS

With more people giving importance to inclusivity, many new lingerie brands and companies have risen to the spotlight. These brands highlight the need to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. Because of increasing competition over the past few years, VS’s company shares have seen a decline of up to 13% this year. It doesn’t seem like it is looking good for the future of the brand.